Synwell Sleep 10 Inch, Full Gel Infused Ventilation Memory Foam Mattress Review

Synwell Sleep 10 Inch, Full Gel Infused Ventilation Memory Foam Mattress

  • Firmness : Firm ,if the scale starts at 1.0 (firmest), 2 (extra firm), 3 or 4 (firm), 5 or 6 (medium firm), 7 or 8 (plush) 9 (soft) and stops at 10.0 (softest) , it can be 3 or 4 . it is very comfortable firm.
  • Layers : 3-Supportive Layer’s system , 1.5 inch Gel infused memory foam layer for Cozy Contouring, 2 inch Convoluted Foam Layer for relieving pressure point by weight and 6.5 inch supportive layer for Dispersing weight against gravity.
  • Please Unwrap and allow 72 hours for this product, to return to its original shape. This products will be delivered in a box
  • Being sealed in plastic packaging, sometimes Odor can be trapped inside. Odor will dissipate within 48 hours by ventilation.
  • Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty: 10 Years, Non Flammable inner cover meets Requirement of CFR 1633, Out Cover is removable and washable.

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Despite the issue of the recovery of the mattress, thank you for the loves and supports of our products. We have applied our customers’ feedback and reviewed the entire mattress production process. Therefore, we have found two possible reasons of the recovery issue.

1. Fire Retardant inner cover.

– Fire retardant Fabric of Some Mattresses sold on the market are designed loosely, which makes easier for air to go in. However, our company designed the mattress foam by adhere high elasticity fabric onto the foam and this prevents mattress from the fire. Sometimes during the process of compressing foam, there is a case when high elasticity fabric sticks into the foam too strongly, and this can obstruct the foam to fully inflate. However, adhered high elasticity fabric will slowly recover while customers using the products. Our first priority always our customers’ safety, so we would not give up on safety to prevent recovery issue. If the issue arises, please remove the cover, pull and move the inner cover up and down / left to right. You can also pat the foam to help the recovery.

2. Problem of adhesion.

We are supposed to only use the little amount of glue on the top of convoluted layer. But in some cases, in order to glue more strongly, we have used little more glue. And due to the extra glue, during the process of compressing, bottom of convoluted area sticked to the upper layer and caused the recovery issue. In this case, there is no problem of using the product, but customer may think that the product has not fully recovered.

From this production, we have changed and produced the mattress by using a physical flexion of delicate difference of height called 7 zone layer. Also, we have applied a fine adhesive solution to solve the problem.

We sincerely appreciate our customers’ reviews and feedback. Synergy of Wellness’s effort to aiming for Better Quality, Better Price, and Better Satisfaction won’t stop.

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